ID Chips 

ID Chips are Law

Since April 2016 it has been law that any dog must have ID Chipped and there are some quite stiff fines for failure to comply.It is also law that any puppy being sold must have been chipped by the time they are 8 weeks old or before they leave the breeder. It does not matter if you are professional breeder or someone who has had one litter or accidental mating, this puppy can not be sold or transferred without an ID Chip - That Is The Law.
You may say your dog never would stray, but it can happen, believe me, and if the animal is chipped we can quickly reunite you with your pet. If your pet is not chipped any Veterinary Surgery is supposed to report that animal to the dog warden plus if we do not know who your pet is we would have to pass to dog warden anyway.
1) Don't be caught out, the chip is the size of a grain of rice and will not affect your dog in any way.
2) When buying a new puppy ask the seller to scan the puppy in front of you to prove it has a chip.
3) Make sure you are given the paperwork so you can re-register your new dog with the data base. (The paperwork will have a unique code to enable you to do this)
4) Keep your details up to date, address/telephone numbers, you can also be fined for failing to do this.
Contact your local vet today to get your pet chipped. (Ours are £10.00) and save any unnecessary stress or expense.